• Description

    The course provides employees in charge of safety with specific training.

  • Course program

    Theoretical Aspects


    1. Main subjects of the company prevention system: tasks, obligations and responsibilities
    2. Relationship between the different internal and external subjects of the prevention system
    3. Definition and identification of risk factors
    4. Accident and near-miss accident
    5. Communication and sensibilization techniques addressed to the employees, in particular to newly hired employees, interns and foreigners
    6. Company risks evaluation, with particular reference to the context where the employee in charge works
    7. Identification of technical, organisational and procedural measures in terms of prevention and protection
    8. How to supervise workers to ensure that they accurately comply with the company safety measures, a correct use of collective and personal protection devices at their disposal


    Final tests to verify the competences

  • Next dates

    Weekly frequency

  • Certification


  • Prerequisites

    General course and specific course attendance

  • Purpose

    To provide the employees in charge of safety with and additional formation

  • Conducted by

    According to the different themes, the course will be conducted by personnel with documented experience in the field of training, prevention, safety and health in work environments

  • Contents

    Theoretical aspects

    Contents established by the State-Regions Agreement (December 21, 2011)


    Final test: competences evaluation

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