• Description

    The course provides specific training related to the risks to which workers are exposed in their work context in accordance with the State-Regions Agreement of December 21st, 2011.

  • Course program

    Theoretical aspects


    1. Risks of injury
    2. general mechanical risks
    3. General electrical risks
    4. Machines
    5. equipment
    6. fall from height
    7. Risks of explosion
    8. Chemical risks
    9. Fogs – Oils – smoke – Vapours- dust
    10. labelling
    11. Carcinogen risks
    12. Biological risks
    13. Physical risks
    14. noise
    15. Vibration
    16. Radiation
    17. Microclimate and lighting
    18. display screens
    19. Work organisation
    20. work environments
    21. work-related stress
    22. Manual load handling,
    23. Materials and goods handling (lift devices, means of transport),
    24. Signs
    25. Emergencies
    26. Safety procedures (specific profile)
    27. Escape procedures and fires
    28. First aid organisation procedures
    29. Accident and injuries (and near-miss accidents)

    Other risks


    Final tests to verify the competences

  • Next dates

    Weekly frequency

  • Certification


  • Prerequisites

    General formation

  • Purpose

    To provide a specific preparation as established by the State-Regions Agreement (December 21, 2011)

  • Conducted by

    According to the different themes, the course will be conducted by personnel with documented experience in the field of training, prevention, safety and health in work environments

  • Contents

    Theoretical aspects

    Specific part: it changes according the different company activities and tasks, risks, damages and consequent prevention and safety procedures linked to them


    The needs of the company are defined in collaboration with the responsible for prevention and protection services or other similar professional figures. The contents are chosen from those proposed by the State-Regions Agreement (December 21, 2011)


    Final test: competences evaluation

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