• Description

    The course provides managers with the updating of the basic course in accordance with the state-regions agreement of December 21st and the article 37 of Legislative Decree n. 81/2008.

  • Course program

    Theoretical Aspects


    Legal and regulatory specific framework:

    • How to acquire raising awareness of safety manager ‘s role and all the tasks and competences established by law
    • Administrative responsibility of legal persons, societies and associations, even of associations without legal liability (legislative decree n. 231, 2001 and subsequent modifications)
    • Case law


    Technical updating and safety organisation and management

    • Criteria to define risk propensity
    • Subjects of Prevention and protection system: roles, responsibilities and relationship with managers
    • Criteria to identify formation and training needs to better develop individual competences
    • Organisation of fire protection and prevention, first aid and emergencies management
    • Obligations related to procurement contracts (supply/works contracts)
    • Management models and new regulatory developments
    • Solutions to improve an internal health and safety system


    Updating on company specific risks

    • Concepts of danger perception and risks: identification of real examples
    • Other fundamental concepts: safety, health, prevention, protection and medical surveillance
    • Injury/accident management


    Importance of testing the degree of opinion homogeneity within the group: effective communication and importance of sharing common objectives with all the working subjects


    Organisation and supervision on work activities to be performed according to the normative framework


    Final tests to verify the competences

  • Next dates

    Weekly frequency

  • Certification


  • Prerequisites

    Basic course attendance

  • Purpose

    To update all the competences acquired during the basic course

  • Conducted by

    According to the different themes, the course will be conducted by personnel with documented experience in the field of training, prevention, safety and health in work environments

  • Contents

    Theoretical aspects

    Contents established by the State-Regions Agreement (December 21, 2011)


    Final test: competences evaluation

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