• Description

    The course provides the emergency team leader with legal and procedural notions to be exploited in case of emergency.

  • Course program

    Theoretical aspects


    Legal Aspects

    • Ministerial Decree March 10, 1998


    Procedures to be adopted in case of emergency

    • Procedures to be adopted when a fire is discovered
    • Procedures to be adopted in case of alarm
    • Evacuation procedures
    • Call for the emergency service
    • Collaboration with the Fire service in case of intervention


     Emergency plan

    • Fire emergency management
    • Explanation of procedures in case of emergency
    • Fire characteristics
    • Phenomena such as BLEVE, BOILOVER and so on
    • Use of extinguishing agents


    Leadership and coordination

    • Emergency team leader role
    • Organisation, tasks and objectives
    • Leadership and coordination
    • Leadership e communication


    Practical Aspects

    • Practical study of an emergency situation
    • Operativeness
    • Communication
    • Emotionality


    Psychology of emergency

    • Emergency communication management
    • Characteristics of the emergency message
    • Communication mistakes
    • Feelings and choice in emergency context
  • Next dates

    Weekly frequency

  • Certification


  • Prerequisites


  • Purpose

    To provide procedural and legal information that the emergency team leader will exploit in case of emergency

  • Conducted by

    -Specialized personnel with multi-year experience in the petrochemical and petroleum fields, expert in operational practice and training activity in large industrial groups

    -Personnel graduated in psychology

  • Contents

    Theoretical and practical aspects

    Legal aspects

    Procedures to adopt in case of emergency

    Emergency plan


    Emergency psychology

    Emergency management

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