• Description

    The Helo dunker refresher course aims at keeping the knowledge of rescue equipment use, sea survival techniques, people rescue and emergency management after ditching.

  • Course program

    Theoretical/Practical Aspects


    • Entry into water from a 3-meter-high platform
    • Life jacket underwater activation
    • Survival swimming
    • Help position
    • Huddle position
    • Survival circle
    • Self-inflating raft reaching
    • Self-inflating raft boarding
    • On-board positioning
    • How to help others get on the self-inflating raft
    • Self-inflating raft leaving
    • Collective simulation consisting in leaving the self-inflating raft in night environment with waves and rain.
    • Straightening of the self-inflating raft
    • Recovery of man overboard with rescue line
    • Recovery of man overboard through winch


    Escape from helicopter (simulator “HELO-DUNKER”)

  • Next dates

    Weekly frequency

  • Certification

    APT certification

  • Prerequisites

    The “Helo Dunker” course must have been attended and completed

  • Purpose

    To provide all the delegates with an appropriate refresher training about on-board life-saving equipment, sea survival techniques, recovery operations, emergencies management after ditching

  • Conducted by

    Multi-year experience instructors

  • Contents

    Theoretical and Practical Aspects

    General principles and sea survival techniques

    Emergency equipment present on board

    Victims recovery and rescue

    Use of life-saving appliances

    Actions to be executed in case of:

    • Controlled emergency landing on water
    • ditching
    • ditching and helicopter capsizing

    Rescue techniques in case of personnel trapped inside the craft

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