ITLS (International Trauma Life Support) – ADVANCED

  • Description

    The ITLS course ranges from the most relevant problems of acute out-of-hospital trauma, giving the possibility to the learner to learn the therapeutic diagnostic algorithms of the most relevant traumatic pathologies, in accordance with the most recent scientific studies concerning the treatment and atraumatic transport of traumatized patients.


    The course is provided in two versions, Basic and Advanced: the Advanced version, in particular, is aimed at healthcare personnel, thus focusing attention on the therapeutic aspect and on those maneuvers that are proper to the healthcare profession, such as advanced management of airways or infusion of intravenous therapies.


    The duration of the course is approximately 16 hours – including breaks and theoretical-practical exams. The training is divided into 8 hours of frontal lessons and 8 hours of practical stations.

  • Program

    Theoretical and practical aspects:

    • Evaluation of the scene
    • Assessment and management of trauma
    • Shock
    • Head trauma
    • Trauma in pregnancy
    • Pediatric trauma
    • Trauma of the elderly
    • ACC in trauma
    • ITLS primary and secondary assessment
    • Airways
    • Vascular access in an emergency
    • Hemorrhage
    • Role playing – Megacode:
    • Management of head and spinal trauma
    • Extinction of thoracic trauma
    • Management of abdominal and pelvic trauma
  • Next sessions

    Course available on request

  • Prerequisites

    The course requires a preventive study of the manual which will be provided to the participants before the start of the course. The manual resumes all the topics covered within the course. Learners will participate in simulated clinical scenarios and learning stations.

  • Certification

    ITLS Advanced Provider

  • Conducted by

    ITLS Instructors

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