SECURITY AWARENESS – The Importance of Security Activities (Maritime Personnel)

  • Description

    The course provides all the on-board personnel with explanations about security activities in accordance with the Decree n. 1347 of December 3rd, 2013.

  • Course program



    • Course description: competences to achieve
    • Security threats
    • Conditions and operations (ship/port)

    Maritime security policy

    • Notions of main conventions, codes and international rules
    • Definitions
    • Management of sensitive information and security communications

    Security-related responsibilities

    • Contracting parties: recognized organisations, management societies, the ship, port facility,

    SSO ship security officer, CSO company security officer, PFSO port facility security officer, officers with specific tasks, facility personnel with specific tasks

    Threat identification, recognition and management

    • Identification of weapons, dangerous substances or devices
    • Search coordination, recognition of behavioural models
    • Circumvention techniques
    • Crowd handling

    Security actions

    • Action required for every security level
    • Accident warning and security procedures


    • Emergency plan knowledge
    • Security training
  • Next dates

    to be defined

  • Certification

    Certificate recognized by general command of the Coast Guard
    (only after passing both theoretical and practical tests)

  • Prerequisites


  • Purpose

    The course conforms to the VI/6 rule of STCW code and to the decree n. 1347 od December 3rd,2013 (port authority- general command) and aims at training all the personnel on board in security activities

  • Conducted by

    Instructors who have been authorized by the general command of the Coast Guard through decree issued by the Minister of infrastructures and transport

  • Contents

    Theoretical aspects


    Maritime security policy

    Security-related responsibilities

    Threat identification, recognition and reaction

    Maritime security actions

    Preparation to emergencies and training

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