Who is OSHAcademy

OSHAcademy, a division of Geigle Safety Group, Inc., was originally established in 1999 by Steve Geigle, MA, CSHM, CET. Steve, a former Oregon OSHA Training Specialist, developed OSHAcademy’s online training courses and programs to meet the growing demand for quality online occupational safety and health education and training nationally.

In 2011, Steve’s sons Chris and Barry joined the business, bringing their skills and knowledge in occupational safety, information technology, education, and public administration. Since this time, Geigle Safety Group has experienced strong growth and continues to develop occupational safety and health courses to meet student needs.

Over the years, OSHAcademy continued to grow and develop new courses and training programs. OSHAcademy currently offers more than 175 courses and 54 programs, with many more courses planned. We are constantly working to improve our website, training, and systems. Contact our office if you have a course suggestion, we would love to hear from you.

OSHAcademy provides free access to our occupational safety and health training courses which are designed for employees, supervisors, managers, and employers. Unlike other online training providers that charge a fee to access their training material, OSHAcademy only charges a fee to document a student’s training. This is a significant difference between OSHAcademy and other online providers.

OSHAcademy also has a network of 70 Authorized Training Providers (ATP) providing classroom-based safety and health instruction around the world.

OSHAcademy is a private training institution and is not affiliated with the U.S. Department of Labor (DOL) or the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA).

Our Mission

To provide the highest quality, affordable, and meaningful safety, health, and occupational training to employers and employees around the world that supports their unique goals.

Our Vision

To be the worldwide source for individuals and companies seeking workplace training. Our goal is to offer courses that are recognized and easily accessible using a user-friendly, universally compatible internet platform.

Our Core Values

10-hour General Industry Safety and Health


This training program is intended to provide entry level training general industry workers information about their rights, employer responsibilities, and how to file a complaint as well as how to identify, abate, avoid, and prevent job related hazards in their workplace. The training covers a variety of general industry safety and health hazards which a worker may encounter in the workplace. The training emphasizes hazard identification, avoidance, control and prevention, not OSHA standards.

Important Information

This program has the same curriculum criteria for required, elective and optional topics and hours as the 10-Hour OSHA outreach training. Upon successful completion of this program, you will receive an OSHAcademy 10-hour General Industry Safety and Health certificate and card.

Required Courses

  1. 105 Hazard Communication: Basic
  2. 107 Emergency Action and Fire Prevention Plans
  3. 108 Personal Protective Equipment: Basic
  4. 114 Walking-Working Surface and Fall Protection
  5. 115 Electrical Safety for Employees: Basic
  6. 144 Introduction to OSHA
  7. 153 Ergonomic Hazards in General Industry
  8. 159 Hearing Protection: Basic
  9. 161 Industrial Hygiene: Basic
  10. 162 Accident Investigation: Basic

30-hour General Industry Safety and Health


The 30-hour General Industry Safety and Health Program is intended to provide workers with some safety responsibility a greater depth and variety of training on an expanded list of topics associated with workplace hazards in general industry. The program provides training for workers and employers on the recognition, avoidance, abatement, and prevention of safety and health hazards in their workplaces. The program also provides information regarding workers’ rights, employer responsibilities, and how to file a complaint.

Important Information

This program has the same curriculum criteria for required elective and optional topics and hours as the 30-Hour OSHA outreach training. Upon successful completion of this program, you will receive an OSHAcademy 30-Hour General Industry Safety and Health certificate and card.

Required Courses

  1. 105 Hazards Communication: Basic
  2. 108 Personal Protective Equipment: Basic
  3. 112 Introduction to Safety Supervision
  4. 113 Introduction to Safety Leadership
  5. 114 Walking-Working Surfaces and Fall Protection
  6. 115 Electrical Safety for Employees: Basic
  7. 116 Introduction to Safety Accountability
  8. 117 Introduction to Safety Recognition
  9. 121 Introduction to Safety Training
  10. 122 Introduction to Hazard Controls
  11. 123 Introduction to Job Hazard Analysis
  12. 144 Introduction to OSHA
  13. 153 Ergonomic Hazards in General Industry
  14. 154 Machine Safeguarding: Basic
  15. 155 Welding Safety: Basic
  16. 156 Forklift Safety: Basic
  17. 605 Confined Space Safety
  18. 615 Electrical Safety Hazards and Controls
  19. 617 Managing Safety and Health in General Industry
  20. 619 Materials Handling Safety
  21. 621 Controlling Hazardous Energy
  22. 629 Planning for Workplace Emergencies
  23. 655 Bloodborne Pathogens in the Workplace

36-hour OSH Supervisor


Supervisors are invaluable to a world class safety-culture. As an “agent of the employer”, every supervisor has a legal obligation to understand his or her safety responsibilities in the workplace. This program helps supervisors develop the knowledge and skills to fulfill those responsibilities and be an effective leader.

Required Courses

  1. 700 Introduction to Safety Management
  2. 702 Effective Accident Investigation
  3. 703 Introduction to OSH Training
  4. 709 Personal Protective Equipment
  5. 711 Introduction to Ergonomics
  6. 712 Safety Supervision and Leadership
  7. 716 Safety Management System Evaluation

36-hour OSH Train-the-Trainer


This”Train-the-Trainer” program is designed to help students gain the knowledge and skills necessary to conduct occupational safety and the health training for their employer. This program includes training program requirements, how to develop effective training, and best practices for presenting safety and health training. This program also covers important safety and health concepts every trainer needs to know.

The student’s presentation skills should be valued locally by a training manager come on competent person, or the student’s employer.

Required Courses

  1. 700 Introduction to Safety Management
  2. 703 Introduction to OSH Training
  3. 704 Hazard Analysis and Control
  4. 706 Conducting a job Hazard Analysis
  5. 721 Developing OSH Training
  6. 723 Conducting OSH Training



Employees who work in confined spaces face increased risk of serious physical injury. Hazards involving a confined space include entrapment, engulfment, and dangerous atmospheric conditions. As a result, employees who conduct work within confined spaces must be properly trained.

This course presents information on the definition of a confined space, hazards of a permit-required confined space, and the alternative procedures to control atmospheric hazards. The written program and entry permit system, rescue and emergency services, and importance of training are also discussed.



Employees who conduct work at on elevated surfaces are exposed to fall hazards and are required to receive fall protection training. This course will aid in decreasing fall hazards by explaining the components of an effective fall protection program, training requirements, and emergency response. Personal fall-arrest systems, fall-restraint systems and other fall-protection systems will be discussed, with general instructions on how to properly inspect and maintain equipment. Fall protection on ladders, scaffolds, and aerial platforms are also important topics covered in this course.

Additionally, this course highlights fall protection training for specific scenarios such as using ladders, scaffolds, and aerial platforms. Upon completion, students will have the option to purchase a full protection training certificate.

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