• Description

    The fire officer course in level 2 activities is structured to provide adequate training in fire prevention and protection, specific risks of the activity with particular reference to the provisions of DM 02/09/2021


    The course consists of a theoretical part and practical training during which trainees will have to demonstrate their level of understanding of the program content

  • Programme

    Theoretical aspects

    Fire and prevention

    • Principles of combustion and fire
    • The extinguishing substances
    • Combustion triangle
    • The main causes of a fire
    • Risks to people in case of fire
    • Main precautions and measures to prevent fires

    Strategy firefighting (part one)

    • Fire-fighting measures
    • Reaction to fire
    • Fire resistance
    • Compartmentalization
    • escape routes
    • Fire control
    • Detection and alarm
    • Smoke and heat control
    • Firefighting operations
    • Safety of technological and service facilities

    Strategy firefighting (part two)

    • Fire safety management in operations and emergencies, with insights into inspections and maintenance and emergency planning.

    Practical fire drills (3 hours)

    • Review and clarification of the most common fire control and extinguishing equipment and systems
    • Acknowledgement and clarification of personal protective equipment
    • Drills on the use of portable fire extinguishers and how to use hose reels and hydrants
    • Fire logbook review, clarification and exercise regarding the surveillance activity
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  • Prerequisites


  • Certifications

    Certificate of attendance Apt Safety Group

  • Conducted by

    Instructors who meet the trainer requirements under the D.M. 2/9/21

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